The Watercooler #066

30 Mar

The Watercooler #66
Matt Fondiler, Gary Smith, Mike Dawson, Nick Davis, Caelan Biehn and I split a breadbowl at the watercooler. We talk about San Francisco sightseeing, how much panhandlers make, and pranks.

Beer: Pizza Port Swami’s IPA

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Host: Chris Laxamana

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  • Kevin Garrett

    I appreciate the shitting on Dawson this episode. With a lovely combo of hating on breadbowls, 1-upping Gary’s story, and suggesting Fondiler visit bars where children drink and see homeless people for his first anniversary, he really stepped up his game of miserable pod. Please don’t give him so much leeway to share his awful opinions.

  • LetsGoMets

    God, he just rambles on, bores everyone and completely hijacks the show. Dawson is one of the least funny people I have ever heard…but he thinks he is hilarious.