RESUME: The Watercooler #007

20 Jan

The Watercooler #007
Matt Fondiler, Gary Smith, Caelan Biehn, Nick Davis, and I drink up at the watercooler. I talk about the new Cloverfield movie and my neighbor downstairs. Gary shares some information on the iPad Pro, curved TV’s, and the Tesla Model X. Matt reminisces about getting ‘iced.’ Caelan recalls going to a gay bar. And Nick talks about dealing with peer pressure in 8th grade. Plus, we all discuss our favorite shots and drinks.

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Host: Chris Laxamana

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  • Scott Evers

    You apple dopes. You can text and call with your cell number on anything including PCs for years now. Simply port your number to Google voice and use hangouts. Extra awesome when you have a work phone, zero cell bill.

    For a TV box Nothing beats the Nvidia shield Tv, 4k , watch anything including live TV for free, both remotes have jacks, plus you can play video games as good as ps4 or Xbox one.

    Apple TV is a joke.

    TVs are also silly, LG makes killer LED HD projectors with wicked 120 inch screens.

  • http://TimeBomberBook.Blogspot.Com/ Steve Esposito

    A new generation of Adam Carolla’s mom. Sugar is elevated to poison status? Good Lord, apparently Dr. Drew is completely ignored unless he is banging a microphone.

    BTW, that “icing” ritual sounds just weird.

  • http://TimeBomberBook.Blogspot.Com/ Steve Esposito

    From what I remember the last Apple users I was around, they had this strange sense of amazement that their devices did this or that, combined with an attitude that no other device could possibly do the same thing. I have a stinking iPad at work and can’t stand it. I frequently take my personal 3 year old Toshiba laptop and use it instead.

    The only stinking Apple product I ever bought myself became nearly useless due to “upgrades” of apps. An Apple app developer, and others, told me with a straight face “then you need to get a new phone.” I did, and not an Apple.

  • 33tango

    I have a Moto X phone for personal use and an iPhone 6 for work I use Google’s Voice Search and Siri side-by-side frequently and Siri almost always does the worst job of finding what I’m looking for. Siri has a LOT of room for improvement.

    Other than Gary’s misguided assertion that iPhone is the best, I enjoyed the show. You can do everything mentioned (imessage etc) on a bone stock moto x (any generation).

  • 33tango

    Chris’s downstairs neighbor is a psycho or hitting on him. Or both.

  • sjupandaway

    tech talk is buzzin