Watercooler #78: Getting Engaged, Guy Fieri, and Cheesy Breadsticks

20 Jun

The Watercooler #78
Matt Fondiler, Gary Smith, Mike Dawson, Nick Davis, and I are engaging at the watercooler. We talk about the formalities of getting engaged, the moment you hit ‘douchebag’ level, and why Guy Fieri rules.

Beer: Highawater Aphotic Cocao Nib Imperial Porter (THANKS LAURA LEE!)

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  • Bo Marianowits

    First let me say that this is one of my FAVORITE PODS, and you guys kill it every week. Congrats to Gary !!! now to the real issue and topic, Guy Fieri being a douche, the answer is yes only because he got the job and won the Food Network competition without being a real Chef at any point in his life, he has no credible food skills and only has his image, which pissed off all the other contestants, and now he has a show and granted it is successful in its own right but the fact that he was never a Chef is the biggest bone of contention , and Anthony Bourdain was the Executive Chef at Brasserie Les Halles in New York and then went on to write books and so on, so he can be a douche to Guy and Guy cant say shit about it…. JUstr wanted to clear the air on that..again Congrats Gary!!!!