RESUME: Jo Koy, Jon Cruz Tuck, and Anton Guerrero | Comedian, UFC Fighter, Restaurant Owner

23 Oct

Jo Koy, Jon Cruz Tuck, and Anton Guerrero | Comedian, UFC Fighter, Restaurant Owner

Jo Koy and Anton Guerrero talk about their new shabu-shabu restaurant Yojie – now open in Las Vegas. They discuss the attention to detail and customer experience as well as the restaurant’s adventurous concept. Jon Cruz Tuck is also on the show and shares some insight on the life of a fighter and how he gets into a winning mindset. The guys then explain the importance of remembering where you came from – in order to fully appreciate your accomplishments and take nothing for granted. Later Jo recalls an actual (and terrifying) ghost story that happened to him in Hawaii.

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  • James Price

    Where is the punching video?

  • Jethro Payson

    Re: Lucky Charms –

    If you have/get or know anybody who has a 3d printer you can make a sifter:

  • Cody James

    What is the address for the house Jo Koy and his family stayed in Waikiki? I’ve been scouring real estate websites, mapping out homes close to Coffee Bean establishments, and looking near parks. The only conclusions I’ve come to is; that I wouldn’t mind living in Waikiki compared to Wisconsin and the homes are fairly priced.

    So please, what is the address? I just want to see some pictures.

    Cody James

    Ps: Your show is very tight butthole and it’s great hearing the guests talk for a change, more than the host. You do a great job just keeping them on track.

  • http://TimeBomberBook.Blogspot.Com/ Steve Esposito

    Really cool show guys!