RESUME: Roger Craig Smith | Voice Actor

8 Jul

Roger Craig Smith | Voice Actor
Roger Craig Smith joins the show to talk about some of the jobs he had before being that voice actor you’ve heard in a ton of different things. He also recalls the non-linear path he took with his career and how it has made all the difference.

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Host: Chris Laxamana

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  • http://TimeBomberBook.Blogspot.Com/ Steve Esposito

    42:30 yes, you are dead on that how to mess with a telemarketer is feign interest and “waste” their time. In the late 1980s I did it for a while and did not immediately hate it. Sold newspaper subscriptions during college, then (not kidding) siding and remodeling, a few years later I tried insurance/retirement accounts. Decided I needed to hurry up and finish college instead. Hated all of it after newspapers.