RESUME: Kristen Carney | Comedian, Writer, Podcast Host

24 Jun

Kristen Carney | Comedian, Writer, Podcast Host
Comedian Kristen Carney joins the show to talk about leaving her small town in upstate New York to pursue a career in comedy. She also recalls her bullied past and the feeling of always wanting something more. And of course, she brings up some of the terrible jobs she’s had along the way.

Follow Kristen on Twitter @KristenCarney and listen to her on the Ask Women Podcast.

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Host: Chris Laxamana

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  • http://TimeBomberBook.Blogspot.Com/ Steve Esposito

    Great show! Spoiler alert: Near the end Kristen shows that she is the Amy Alkon of her generation.

  • http://TimeBomberBook.Blogspot.Com/ Steve Esposito

    Congrats on getting listed on the AdamCarolla.Com page!