RESUME: Clay Tumey | Bank Robber

15 Jun

Clay Tumey | Bank Robber
Clay Tumey was a bank robber. He joins the show to talk about how he successfully robbed multiple banks, what led him to a path of crime, and why he turned himself in.

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Host: Chris Laxamana

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  • http://TimeBomberBook.Blogspot.Com/ Steve Esposito

    Great show guys! The book I am working on involves a bank bomber (see draft cover to the left) and he almost turned himself in. Clay provided some insight into what my guy may have been thinking the 14 years he was a fugitive.

  • Veal Parmigiana

    It says the length of the podcast is 00:00 for me. Nothing happens when I try to play it on this page or by clicking “Open In a New Window”. When I try to download it, it says “Failed – Forbidden”. Sad. :(