RESUME: Dr. Drew | board-certified internist and addictionologist

18 Mar

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Dr. Drew | board-certified internist and addictionologist
The premiere episode of Resume. Dr. Drew Pinsky is a board-certified internist, addiction medicine specialist, and media personality. This week he joins the show to reminisce about his life as a street sweeper and a lifeguard. He also explains the importance of balancing work with human relationships and recalls his journey to radio and TV. Plus, comedian Brad Williams shares a story in ‘Part-Time!’

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Host: Chris Laxamana

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  • Michael Soukup

    I’ve been so excited for this and it was a great show, you’re a natural! Theme song is very catchy too, you should release a full version of that.

    Any chance for a Bobo Boys Podcast? I’ve been jonesin for more Chris, Gary, Matt, and Caelan in my life.

    Now let’s get a link to your show up on

  • JoAnne McGrath

    That was great. Perfect pod cast to listen to while I was getting some work done. Great job Laxi. And great first guest!

  • Vik V

    I love the intro music during the open for the podcast. What’s the name of the song, and where can I find the whole track?

  • Cheryl BB

    Any plans for an Amazon link?

  • MaryElizabeth Mono

    Great idea for a podcast! Loved the first episode :) Hoping for the return of The Bobo Boys at some point… Can’t wait for more interviews… You have a great voice, too!

  • James D

    Chris! Potential sign off line – “We’ll let you know…”

  • Jack

    Loved the first episode, Looking forwatd to the future and more!

  • Chris Laxamana

    Hey thanks! That’s actually a song I made for the podcast. Might release it as a ringtone or something…

  • Chris Laxamana

    Thanks Michael. And I do plan on those guys making an appearance… stay tuned. As for– Done!

  • Chris Laxamana

    HAHA! love it. Aaaaand i’m using it. Thanks James!

  • Chris Laxamana

    Thanks MaryE. Got some good stuff lined up for the future.

  • Chris Laxamana

    it’s up– thanks Cheryl.

  • Chris Laxamana

    Thanks for checking it out JoAnne. You rule.

  • Cheryl BB

    Thanks…I saw the link on my phone, but not when I looked on my laptop. Did I just miss it?

  • admin

    I hear if you have adblocker enabled, it doesn’t show. Otherwise I’m not sure. Thanks for checking!

  • RenoBlazerFan

    Very nice work Chris. I listen to a shit-ton of podcasts and your new one is now on my playlist….I also echo the sentiments of getting more of the Best Friend crew on…

  • http://TimeBomberBook.Blogspot.Com/ Steve Esposito

    Awesome groovy show boys! Nice to hear Dr. Drew embracing “groovy” too!
    Chris, great music and great interview! Can’t wait to her Matt and Mattingly from Ice Cream Social as future guests.

  • Andrew Fisher

    Great job, Chris! You really remind me of a fantastic interviewer named Jason Steinle. Here’s some of his stuff if you have time:
    And for your fans – if they like you they’ll probably like him too. I think he stopped doing a podcast a long time ago so I’m excited to hear more of yours as a fine replacement :)

  • Sara

    Great job, Chris! Really enjoyed the podcast. Looking forward to more.